Monday, January 23

Dumas' Penalty Parade

After a nice night in Binghamton, I had time to reflect on the wonderful officiating of #44, Harry Dumas. Now, for those of you who don't know, Dumas is the son-in-law of NHL officiating 'legend', Kerry Fraser. That basically explains why the man still has a job.

He had a really rough night in Binghamton, and if you were lucky enough to witness it firsthand, you'd consider it a miracle that he made it out alive. The Senators fans were calling for his head....just look at this boxscore. However, with the poor refereeing aside, let me comment on some of the Penguins performances in the 6-2 victory:

  • Rico Fata - Kept his legs moving all night, held up on a few potential hits, but was always hustling and converted on the first penalty shot in team history.
  • Kurtis MacLean - Was always where he had to be, made some crisp passes and looks like he is a pure assist machine.
  • Dennis Bonvie - Also made some nice passes, put his team up by avoiding Brett Clouthier's advances long enough to get him off the ice. Throw Daniel Carcillo's name in there too, for playing a clean game and avoiding any of the rough stuff.
  • Noah Welch and Daniel Fernholm - Held the blueline well and jumped into the play offensively. Both had teriffic games.
  • Dany Sabourin - Key saves at key moments in the game, especially shorthanded. Continues to be solid.

I spoke with many Senators fans, and it seemed to be the consensus that "Bonvie is a rat, Sabourin is stellar, and the defense is airtight." I can live with that. The 6-2 win in Binghamton was sweet. I was unable to make the game on Saturday night against Bridgeport, but it seems like I didn't miss much. Poor Andy Chiodo, someone needs to put him out to pasture. He will be successful in the future, just not in Wilkes-Barre.


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